Our Playojo casino review

For  several reasons,  Playojo Casino  is one of the most exciting new online casinos. One of them is certainly a playful interactive design adapted to new mobile technologies. Their access to bonuses is also unique.

So the bonus for new users is 50 free spins, and all you have to do to get it is make a first deposit. What is really special about Playojo Casino is that the gains from free spins are in no way limited. They are paid in cash without any additional conditions. The winnings at Playojo Casino are truly yours and you can pay it off in full, without the maximum payout limit. In Playo, they particularly like to point out that they are the most respected British online casino.

In order to emphasize their commitment to the players and to justify the title, Playojo Casino has devised an extremely rich and interesting player loyalty system under the joint name of  Playojo Specials  . It consists of 3 parts;  Ojo Plus  cashback program,  Club Ojo  classic loyalty program and  Ojo Wheel  prize games for the most loyal players. The rewards and benefits that players receive through Playojo Specials are completely independent of other promotions at Playojo Casino. Everything you win and earn in this way comes in addition to the standard bonuses and promotions that await you at Playojo Casino throughout the year.

Ojo Plus

Ojo Plus is a special form of Playojo casino loyalty program or loyalty program, unlike any other casino loyalty program. In this program, which becomes a member of the account itself, players receive a refund for every bet they place. But just about every game in the Playojo casino comes in one of 3 Ojo plus categories, marked with Ojo + icons. The number of Ojo + icons indicates a category, the more icons the higher the category. Return on casino games in category 1 is 0.06%, on games in category 2 it is 0.40% and finally, on games in the highest category 3, marked with 3 Ojo + icons, it is 0.60%.

Your Ojo plus money balance is easy to track. Your account header contains a cute Ojo mascot. The mascot also lists your Ojo plus cash balance along with your real account balance. Each time you play a game in a Playoyo casino and earn Oyo plus money, the Ojo + icon moves. When a player wants a payout they just have to turn the page at the bottom of the mascot and transfer the money to their actual account by clicking on  COLLECT  . What is best is that it can be done at any time. There are no limits or restrictions in Ojo plus. The amount of money that can be raised by Ojo plus promotion is unlimited, and there is also no minimum amount that can be withdrawn.

Club Ojo

Club Ojo is a Playojo Casino loyalty program whose member becomes a member of the account itself. As with other online casinos, the program has levels. The more you play, the higher you go, where better and richer benefits await you. You can track progress through the levels at the Ojo mascots. The higher your level you reach, the wider the smile of a sympathetic Oja.

You can only make progress in Club Ojo, even if you pause for a while, the level reached does not decrease. And every few levels, a special prize draw awaits you: the Ojo Wheel, with rich packages of free spins. And finally, the best thing about Club Ojo. If Ojo notices you, he may reward you with membership in the A-listers program for players with VIP treatment. Here you will find even richer and more numerous privileges, and membership can be obtained only by invitation.

The Ojo Wheel

Ojo Wheel is a special prize game with which Playojo rewards its loyal members. It is possible to win free spins in the game, the winnings from which, as we have already stated, can be paid without restriction. All you have to do is spin the Wheel and wait for how many free spins the cursor will stop. In addition to appearing when a player reaches certain levels, Ojo Wheel can also be triggered completely randomly. When this happens, a notification will appear in the  REWARDS  section of the player account.

The player can choose between 3 wheels that will then spin. And best of all, if you choose  Wheely Easy  , you have secured yourself a safe win without fear of leaving the game empty-handed. As you spin this wheel, you will surely win something.  The Wheel Deal  brings more rewards but also greater risk. If the pointer stops at the skull you win nothing. The last wheel is called  Are you for Wheel  and it contains by far the best rewards but also a lot more skulls, ie a higher risk. We recommend it only to players with good nerves who follow all or nothing logic.

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